Update 1.1 Optimization and performance

It’s been just over two months since Elemgate was release into early access, unfortunately I haven’t generated enough revenue from the release to continue working on Elemgate full time going forward, so updates will take more time to complete and get released, but one way or another I will get them out to those players who have purchased Elemgate.

THANK YOU so much for your support and I will continue updating the game as much as I can no matter the player count, I really appreciate the support and for those few positive reviews I enjoyed reading them and appreciate the time you took to write them.

UE5 update hasn’t been working out so far the game is better but hoping when UE5.1 comes out it might worth the update so I stopped trying to get update 1.1 done.

Update 1.1

  • I have created 8-12 different styles for each type of gate for a total of 120+ gates that randomly load into a stage, all with same collisions per type of gate to not keep different runs consist.
  • Updated all tubes to randomly pick a style for the entry and exit gates.
  • Reworked 100+ models
  • Optimized some particles, textures and reworked all LOD’s for almost all models resulting in much more consist and faster frames per second especially on the higher levels.

This was an important update for me to do first, it was frustrating trying to get passed these higher levels when your getting FPS drops half the time

I have been working on loose roadmap, I’d like to archive going forward depending on time I can afford to spend on each update

Update 1.2

Pickups to be replaced with elementals to award score, making up for the time missed when starting each stage at the moment 1 on normal 200 points change to 2 100 points with hard 2 for 200 points changed to 4 100 points but won’t bounce you back if hit with incorrect element.

Also localization’s which is going to take some time to do and I’m hoping to do 1-3 for this update one will be Japanese just because of one persons positive review the other 1 or 2 languages to be determined.

Update 1.3

Hoping sales will pickup so I can at least afford to do one last level, I am hoping to do more then that but need to do the ending in the next update so I need to draw the line somewhere, perhaps more levels in the future, also add more localization’s.

Update 1.4

Adding the ending to the game, 2 or 3 part cinematics, originally going to be determined by completing all easy would give you one part, normal another part and hard the whole ending to discover what the Orb, Globe, Ball, round thingy actually is, properly add more localization’s.

Update 1.5

I was planning to add the steam leader boards into the game. add more localization’s if needed

and beyond

There was / is other idea’s that may or may not get put into the game but it’s hard working on a game full time with zero budget and very little popularity, especially when you have other great idea’s and you would like to get one of them off the ground and run because they could just change a genre forever.

It could be just to hard for some players it takes time to get better at it and more consistent in runs I was terrible when I start and amazed at how much better I am on both keys and control pad or i need more languages supported to reach the players that would love to play my game.

Please let me know if there is a language holding you back from purchasing and I’ll do my best to add it.

Update 1.2 – I will do my best to have it out before Christmas time but it could be after.

For anyone who wants to have a go the demo has also been updated.

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