Early Access July 8th and Updated Demo

Early Access July 8th on Steam
with an new updated demo out now that reflects all the changes over the last 6 months and a new game-play trailer and screenshots now on the store page.

wow It’s been a few months of play testing and fixes, discovering problems that were not there and now they are there so I had to fix them but I have finally got an early access version ready

some of the changes over the last 3 months


  • Unreal Engine intro movie logo has been added and is skippable but still seems to lag a bit for some reason but I’ll look into that
  • Game Intro Sequence has been added and been improved upon, but it still needs improving it does get the story across and is animated / played in real time not a video as it’s still a work in progress
  • Splash screen of logos has been updated, random background and element sound when skipping based on the element colour also some text adjusted
  • Changed the platform on main menu to be more like a half-pipe design which works much better and adjusted buttons sizes one the main menu
  • All Menus are now bordered such as, player name input, virtual keyboard, level select, stage select, training and retry menus, music player and score / timer / lives are bordered
  • UI in options menu and pause screen are now gold selection rather then the orange

Game Options

  • reset save button has been removed, if you need to delete save for any reason it’s in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ElemGate\Saved\SaveGames
  • Subtitles on or off is now an option that has been added in game options accessed from main menu

How to Play – (in game manual)

  • Has been updated to reflect some of the new game-play mechanics at higher levels


  • Added the Stage name and egg image on pause screen to show if you’ve collected it
  • Music Controls added to Retry Screen and training retry screen you can change music on those screens now
  • Levels now have coloured orbs or balls spinning around showing the stages elements you need to use rather then the text of the elements you need to use
  • Element pickups added these show up in normal and hard to earn more points that you lose out on due to the extra time given on easier difficulties
  • Element pickup will most likely be changed in the future as I’ve had better ideas that i need time to implement

Other various fixes and changes

  • Music player UI border was still displaying on 0 volume now all music players are the same and have been improved functionality and are not shown when music is zero.
  • While in float chambers pausing would cause the ball thingy too shoot upwards after resuming play
  • Sky sphere has been adjusted still needs a little more work
  • Stars need to be fixed or replace with a different method but have been adjusted not so big and blurry.
  • Added voice overs and subtitles to the teleport boxes when you miss a change and start heading out of the stages and the malevolent god puts you back on track or if you get to far out of the stage he cuts you time down to 2 secs then destroys you losing a life.
  • Added in steam API so now I have steam achievements and steam cloud saves enabled that should carry over your progress from the demo
  • I’m sure there was lots more but like the rest properly not worth mentioning

I really hope players have enjoyed the game, It will be at it’s cheapest during the first week of the early access launch but won’t be this low for quite a while but will got on sale here and there during the early access period.

Please consider purchasing and helping me not only finished the game in the best possible version but kick off the next games I would like to create and so I can step my game development even more so.

Thank you all for your support