Early Access Update 1.22

Early Access Update 1.22

This update has many adjustments and bug fixes across the board.

I was hoping to release this month after a year of being in early access but since I’ve had to do other work to make ends meet it’s had to keep up with the development all by myself.

I’ve finished creating the last level and I’m now working on the three part ending cinematic that will unlock once the final level is complete and 1 part will unlock for each difficulty that is completed so…

Easy will unlock part 1
Normal will unlock part 1 & 2
Hard will unlock part 1,2 & 3 to get the full ending and learn what the orb actually is

I’ve also done some more improvements to help run on steam deck and it is running great, but I’m looking into improving it further for the full release that I am now aiming for a September.
This is depending how long it takes to get the endings finish, localization’s implemented and performance improved with another overall polish all while doing other work to stay afloat.

I’ve done adjustments to the UI to make it look neater / cleaner and found that Xbox UI buttons X,Y,A,B already had the colors associated to them on screen but the keyboard buttons did not and only changed color when selecting a button.

Now the WSAD UI buttons have element colors associated with them to help new players see all the colors at once, also if you switch too using the arrow keys for the elements the arrow keys are also now colored.

This will most likely be the last update before the full release, unless there is really annoy bug I find.

It is on sale now during the steam summer sale and it may or may not go on sale one more time before the full release planned for September when a small price increase will go in effect.

Thanks Chris