The first game that I’ve created to be released on Epic Games and Steam using the unreal engine.
Other PC platforms may become available during early access phase.
Consoles releases will be coming sometime after the game is fully released PC.
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About Me

I started learning unreal engine on the 1st January 2018, over the Christmas break I was thinking I really needed a change of job, so I purchased a couple of courses on Udemy that I found in my emails the new years day. 

I might have been a little hungover to start that day and I needed to download the UE4 but the next day I started and I thought well I’ve played games for the last 30 or more years it’s about time I created one.

Please consider supporting my work, I have been supporting myself for the last two years of development and will be struggling to constantly work for the next year.

I have created a buy me a coffee page for anyone who would like to support my work.

I will be release early access early 2022 to get valuable feedback and should be getting a demo out in december 2021.

You can join me on the CWPGames discord.
Let me know your thoughts, feedback or ideas for Elemgate and help shape the game.

Report any bugs you may have encountered so i can add them to a priorty list and fix them as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can also report any bugs on the contacts page or in the steam forums.

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