I found some old videos I record while creating Elemgate with some early development footage and decided to do a comparasion from when I started December 2019 and now November 2021 for anyone who might be interested.
I have just added some voice overs to the videos explaining some of the changes and challenges I had. 

Main Menu

This video shows the main menu and what I was trying to archive with it being interactive like you would will be playing in game, you can change the title and buttons color by changing your element. the lights change as you progress through levels and asteroids become more dense as the stars start going out.

Pre-Alpha to v0.9.7

This video shows the prototype version i had back in December 2019 that I decided to build upon compared to November 2021 showing an incomplete level 1 compared to a later version of the game with the same stages, both recorded in editor on 26-12-2019 and 10-11-2021.


A look at the ramps I created for level 2 finding out after stage 1 that I had no way for the player to go up and only down in stages, with ramps I could create more interesting stages that could take the player up when they are the correct element or lose time and slide back down if they were the wrong element.    


After the ramps I still found there some places in levels could be used but the player couldn’t get to them, so on level 3 I created portals that activate with the correct element and teleport you to different areas near or far allowing for more flexibility in level design.


By Level 4 I already new that I needed another way for player to reach higher places in levels, this lead to platforms that reverse and restore the players gravity that been imposed upon you by this cursed element, now you would be also have to use ramps, portals or go through gates upside down and instead of pressing up to jump you would have to press down.


All these game idea was leading to the game going from a 2d platformer to a 2.5d platformer, the 90° degree corners started this on level 5 and by level 6 i had created all kinds of corners and tubes that creates a very unique gameplay and game.