Leaderboards and Elementals Update 1.2

Leaderboards and Elementals Update 1.2 also an overall polish.

Steam Leaderboard’s, you can now challenge your friends for the best score across all levels and difficulties, there are 45 leaderboard’s in total and are included in this update earlier then expected.

Now that the pickups have been fixed / replaced by the Elemental’s that gives you a chance to make up the points difference from the extra seconds given to you from easy or normal and are only on normal and hard difficulties the leaderboard’s could be done.

Localization’s have taken a backseat for the moment as the ending cinematic’s needs to be done so I can get the translations done for the whole game all at once but also I need to generate some funding / revenue to be able to afford it also

Update 1.2 Summery

  • Steam Leaderboard’s – on the level completed screen there is an option to post your score or post and view your score, also top 100 can be viewed from the options menu under leaderboards
  • Elemental Enemies – 4 Elemental types on Normal and Hard, hitting them with the correct element rewards you and on normal 100 points if the is two on a stage or 50 points if there is 4 on a stage – on Hard 200 points if two are on the stage and 100 points if four are on the stage.
  • did a Polish of all levels 1 to 15
  • Added game options to the pause screen
  • Adjusted UI time to be just seconds and milliseconds and Shortened Lives Left to just lives, also adjusted all sizes making it look smaller and neater then the previous huge box you see in screenshots.
  • Moved songs playing to be centered at the bottom of the screen and missed gates to be under the time box at the top.
  • Added a total missed gates on the retry screen / level completed screen
  • Adjusted the shrink or enlarge gates to do so immediately even if you get stunned and when are stunned you no longer lose all control for a few seconds you instead have reversed controls left is right and right is left for a few seconds.
  • Fixed an issue with the 180 ramps you could go up and comes down on the platform behind or in front of it.
  • Warning lights adjustments and additions
  • Timing adjustments across all levels
  • As requested by a few players making that last change to cursed element to complete a stage is no longer required on easy and normal but is still very much needed to be done on hard difficulty this should make it easier for new players started out. try easy or normal before attempting hard as you need to have a fairly good idea of what is actually coming up by playing through the levels.

Update 1.3

Will be an extra stage 16-1 tied to the ending cinematic’s with any other fixes that I find or are reported and may have a different leaderboard for that, It will then be released end of Jan or Feb I’m hoping at the latest and will be fully released around then.

So the Steam Winter Sale 2022 might just be the last time to get it at it’s cheapest for a fair while.
Elemgate Demo has also been updated to version 1.2 if you want tempted to try you luck before purchasing and if you do purchase I would really appreciate any review.

All I want for Christmas is to generate a Steam Review Score

In the Future

I will continue to support the game and if the revenue picks up enough, I’ll add entirely new levels that I really wanted to be in the full release, levels 16 through 20. Not DLC
But honestly I only just beat Hard difficulty the other day and it’s a whole different ball game from easy and normal, pun intended.

If you would like to support me more you can buy me a coffee

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