Difficulty adjustments and Widescreen Update 1.21

Difficulty adjustments and Widescreen Update 1.21

This was originally posted on the 17th of March on Steam news

This update allows ultra and super ultra widescreen support, difficulty changes makes easy and normal better for starting out and change all platform colors to better see what your rolling on.

You can now change in the game options the default player name, so when you choose your difficulty that name will appear and you can enter level selection straight away.

I have made some new changes to the games difficulty, Easy and Normal has had
game speed adjusted to 80% on easy and 90% on normal and hard remaining at 100%,
this makes it easier to hit gates on a lower difficulty and build yourself up too playing hard.

The view angle has been slightly adjusted for easy and hard difficulty and I’ve added in
the option to change the game into ultra wide screen 21:9 and super ultra wide screen 32:9.

Now even with a 16:9 monitor you can still put the game in say a 21:9 aspect ratio and have the black bars on the top and bottom of your screen letter boxing, you will then benefit from seeing a little more ahead like someone who owns an ultra wide monitor to keep it fair to all players no matter your screen size.
It will make everything look a slightly smaller except the UI but still very playable with most UI being on the black bars like the time and lives or the music bar.

It was reported to me by one person that they had trouble seeing the platforms especially where the platform ends and you need to jump a gap for example, I have added the ability to change the color of all platforms in the game options there are 32 colors or shades to choose from.

Some work better then others so I recommend using the gray to white as gate lighting
doesn’t interfere mixing of colors, like making a green gates lights look yellow on the red
platform for example.
But I have adjusted the colors a lot so it may only happen on a few colors.

I have also updated the demo to 1.21 for anyone who wants to try before buy and help support me work.

I’m looking at full release around July, about a year after starting early access to complete Elemgate my first game as promised but now have other responsibility’s to keep money coming in to continue to work and also do a little prototyping for the next game.

Happy rolling Chris