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Leaderboards and Elementals Update 1.2

Leaderboards and Elementals Update 1.2 also an overall polish. Steam Leaderboard’s, you can now challenge your friends for the best score across all levels and difficulties, there are 45 leaderboard’s in total and are included in this update earlier then expected. Now that the pickups have been fixed / replaced by the Elemental’s that gives…
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Update 1.1 Optimization and performance

It’s been just over two months since Elemgate was release into early access, unfortunately I haven’t generated enough revenue from the release to continue working on Elemgate full time going forward, so updates will take more time to complete and get released, but one way or another I will get them out to those players…
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Steam page is now Live

I’ve finally got my Steam page up and buy me a coffee has also been setup, but I’m still working on getting Epic store page done and discord server needs a little more work. I am hoping to have a demo also on steam in the coming weeks before Christmas so you can share your…
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