January 2022 Update

Well I made the decision mid December to spread some of the end levels out between 7 and 10 and create new levels to better curve the difficulty of the game, as it ramped up too quickly when introducing the cursed element that would now be used on gates, portals, etc..

So I have been working hard of the Christmas break, I never really stopped and now…

Level 7 is now Level 8 and I’ve created a new level 7

old Level 8 is now Level 10 and I’ve created a new level 9

old Level 9 became 13 and old Level 10 is now 15

Currently creating stages 11 which is almost done and starts off a lot easier to get used too the cursed element as well compared to the now level 13 which was hard to jump straight into, working on 12 next week and 14 not long after that.

My aim is now to release with 150 Stages over 15 levels an extra 50 stages by early access release roughly end of march.

I’ve also done some work on the jump and can double jump a lot better, I’ve also done a lot of optimizing of materials and fixed a fair few issues there to increase performance.

I’ve created a better asteroid field and done some work to the sky/space sphere which is better but needs more work to get right transition as you pass more levels it continues to change slightly.

Some UI improvements for borders around level selection screens and virtual keyboard when using a gamepad.

I’ve started working on and learning animation so I can do the cinematics for the intro to the game as I would like to have that in by EA launch, I just can’t quite get the animation right due to the character I’m using with the bone structure It has and the particles I’m using over the skeletal mesh starting to think I would have been better off creating my own character but at the time felt to would take too long and I’m running out of time / money to get this project done

I think that’s all properly missed something but I am planning to release a new demo once I get a build prepared for early access hoping for start of march but there is still lots to do.

I did forget something, I did see some videos of people playing my game on you tube and found they were haven’t a problem with 1-3, they didn’t jump across the gap and ended in the bottom part which has some tricky little jumps, I’ve changed it now they are ramps and at the end there is a ramp and not a hard jump.

I’ve also changed the very first two tiny stages 1-1 and 1-2 to be the same but a little bigger to give players a little more time to switch elements and be able to score a little more time too.

I really need to do these updates more often, so there not so long.

Ramps have also been improved but still need a little more work.