Elemgate Demo on Steam

Ahead of schedule i have put together the demo of Elemgate.
Even though the game is still in alpha i’m excited to get this out for people to play and enjoy.

This demo will let you play though the first 3 levels / 30 stages.
See if you can get gold stars on all 3 difficulties and if you can try some of the practices stages out.

In the practice stages mode I’ve added in access to 10 additional stages from levels 4,5 and 6 that will give you a bit more of a look into 2.5-D stages and the challenges this game will give you when you need to complete 10 of these stages in a row.

In game options you can set your main menu music, disable the on screen hints, enable widescreen edge visuals and you can delete your save data resetting all stars and reset high scores boards if you like to restart from the beginning of the demo.

Also in the options menu is a how to play section that may give you some hints or sneak peaks at some other game mechanics that will be release in the full release.

Hope you all enjoy playing the demo, the game is a work in progress and labor of love over the last few years of learning and developing in unreal engine, i will be looking into early access in early 2022, I also hope to get some valuable feedback about my game from you all in the future.

There is a lot more to do with more levels, more of a polish in beta, achievements and Leaderboards added and if the game is successful enough for me to spend time adding an online co-op mode.

More info at

I hope no one encounters any issues with the demo but if you do please email and i will get back to ASAP.

As I am solo developing this game i will always do my best to correct any issues ASAP.

Be good and be safe

P.S. Please consider wish listing this game on steam, it would really mean the world to me.

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